Fellowship/Adult Ministries

Gathering in social contexts strengthens our relationships with one another as we walk in faith together.

  • Outdoor Adventure – Encourage one another to experience God’s creations
    Meets once a month
    Activities vary, such as hiking, canoeing, cycling, skiing
  • Thursday Lunch Group – mid-week fellowship
    12:30p.m. at Corleone’s, 110 Liberty Street, Morris
  • Sunday Ladies’ Brunch – fellowship
    Sherwood Oaks, 1571 Division Street, Morris, immediately following worship
  • Book Discussion Group – Discussing how God has worked in various ways as described through the book assigned
    Meets quarterly
  • Game Night – fellowship and friendly competition
    Meets quarterly
  • Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? – Fellowship around the table to build and strengthen church family relationships.
    Meets quarterly